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Her eldest daughter is beautiful and fragrant

Her eldest daughter is beautiful and fragrant

Her eldest daughter is beautiful and fragrant

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    Her eldest daughter is beautiful and fragrant
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    Gu Ranyi smiles
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    Happy Novel
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2022-01-18 04:22:39
In the previous life, the second room of the Shen family was wrongly betrayed by the enemy and betrayed the country, and the whole family was beheaded, but the big room of the same family was intact when she was born again, Shen Wanning vowed that she would not let Er Fang step into the same path again "Shen Wanning is stupid and incompetent, not as good as Shen Jiayu, the daughter of Da Fang." he added, "the two girls in the second room have no sons, and their wealth should be inherited to the son of the big room!" later, the eldest daughter bravely killed the enemy and became a fearless general Yan Luo the second daughter turns her hands over the clouds and covers her hands with rain to ensure the prosperity of the family the limelight changed, "Er Fang can support the whole Shen family without a son!" everything is under control, but I don't want to get into trouble with that rebellious uncle "the Shen family girl is virtuous and virtuous. She will marry Wang Fu when she comes home." SHEN Wanning: "..."

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