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Hometown Congan

Hometown Congan

Hometown Congan

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    Hometown Congan
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    Ah Ye is not ah Ye
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    Sky Book
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2022-01-14 14:57:04
Once the emperor turned pale, the Wei family was beheaded. Wei Shang wandered into the Jianghu and was saved by a martial arts teacher. Since then, Wei Shang became Li CE. He grew up to 21 years old next to Li Congan. At the age of 21, he joined the army. It took only three years, and he became a famous general Li. He had his own army and met with the emperor several times without any clue. Until he returned to his hometown, one day, he suddenly found that the eldest brother who raised him was actually a woman, and a grievance a few years ago slowly surfaced.