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Emperor, she s modern

Emperor, she s modern

Emperor, she s modern

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    Emperor, she s modern
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    Isn't sugar sweet
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    Ethical Novel
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2022-01-14 14:28:21
The female emperor is different from her. when she comes to modern times, she doesn't panic. She has powers. she just wants to be a salted fish. She doesn't panic. She's a Xueba. she doesn't have any talent. She doesn't panic. She comes to learn now... she's an emperor. she's proficient in poetry, etiquette, riding and shooting, and is good at everything. behind her, there's a dog man who misses her every day. "Daughter-in-law, come and kiss." Sao Bao is like him. [beautiful and sassy female emperor (sweet and salty) vs gentle scum man (SAO Bao becomes essence)]