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My boyfriend is 100 years old

My boyfriend is 100 years old

My boyfriend is 100 years old

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    My boyfriend is 100 years old
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    Dream chasing demon
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    Wind Book
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2022-05-26 23:24:01
"Hey, boy! I like the small box in your arms. Please make a price!" Shang Yiru looked at the ragged beggar and forked his waist condescending and said to him fiercely the beggar's dirty hair blocked his eyebrows and eyes, gently pursed his lips, as if he didn't understand what she said, tilted his head slightly and looked at her through the thick ends of his hair "mute? Deaf?" Shang Yiru glanced around and observed the terrain with quick gestures, he pointed to himself: "I......" then pointed to the exquisite small metal box in the beggar's arms: "want to buy it!" the middle finger of his right index finger and thumb rubbed each other: "how much?" the beggar still looked at her indifferently, without words, expression or movement change, Just look at Shang Yiru so numbly "Hey, I'll go! Do you see a fool? Talk!" Shang Yiru eagerly turned back and looked at the alley again "hurry up! I just saw her enter this alley!" a man's urgent voice came from outside "shit!" Shang Yiru bit her lower lip. Just about to raise her leg and continue running, she looked at the small box in the beggar's arms with some meat pain I haven't seen this metal material before. It's so exquisite. What's inside bite your teeth and stamp your feet, pull up the beggar and continue to run!