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Destiny little crazy Princess

Destiny little crazy Princess

Destiny little crazy Princess

Rating: 9 / 10 from 36297 ratings
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    Destiny little crazy Princess
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    Ke'er, please don't fly
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    Books Shop
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A medical genius with unfulfilled ambition, his soul has gone to another world, his posture has fallen into the city, and his style has fallen into the world. Carry ancient artifacts, collect sacred animals, and contract divine tripods. Cultivate talents against the sky, refine pills and poison, and open the way for the strong meeting him is the result of fate, the fetter of the world, and the obsession in his heart the past is gone. Suddenly, it is another world. She is no longer her and he is not him even after countless moon rises and dusks, even if the vicissitudes of life are long gone, even if you change your name and identity, you can only live up to your original heart he said: one miss is enough she said: we have always, never missed

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