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Rebirth God online abuse slag

Rebirth God online abuse slag

Rebirth God online abuse slag

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    Rebirth God online abuse slag
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    Fengling song
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    Clean book
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2022-01-15 08:57:56
[group pet, system, abuse slag, 1 Ⅴ 1 Sweet pet does not abuse] once reborn and cultivated immortals, my family has money, power and wealth what a nice little princess don't be too beautiful but why are there always dregs annoying? Fortunately, dregs also know how to look at the situation after receiving the inheritance from the secret place and returning home, she feels that she has a long way to go and has a long way to go. It really doesn't matter what she does to save the world - alas scenario 1: the fool's younger brother () ╯ SHEN Jingmo stuffed the list of herbs into his sleeve and asked, "these herbs will be sent to you in three days. Do you need anything else?" Chen Bai solemnly said: "don't appear in front of my sister in the future." SHEN Jingmo's eyes widened and some couldn't react, Deep eyes like gemstones are full of confusion. What the hell is this did he ask what he wanted if they saved his grandfather, they naturally want to repay him. What the hell did this guy put forward seeing that he was a little silly, he thought that his sister should not look down on him since he doesn't like it, he doesn't have to waste this condition "nothing. I was wrong just now. Just pay me 3 million yuan for the best spirit stone." that's normal SHEN Jingmo said, "it's no problem. As long as you can cure it, I'll give you 6 million." Chen Bai looked at him with disgust, and his tone was full of stubbornness: "no, 3 million is 3 million, I don't accept more from you." but he secretly said in his heart: I'm afraid he's not a fool SHEN Jingmo is speechless!

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