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You are my universal joy

You are my universal joy

You are my universal joy

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    You are my universal joy
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    The red rose is slightly cool
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    Mountain Book
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(salt and sweet, strong and smart, shy and cute, sometimes two of the female mistress and gentle and overbearing, jealous male Lord and joint slag and no misunderstanding.) first time met, she is a joke in public eyes, and he is just a stranger. Br > the second time we met, she talked business with him, but he said she was ugly but I don't want to. Even Mr. Lu can't escape the Zhenxiang law in the future "Mr. Lu, do you think I'm still ugly?" "ugly? When did I say?" "Mr. Lu, who do you think is the most beautiful among these women?" "none of them are as beautiful as you!" after marriage Miss Ning asked Mr. Lu: Why did you think you liked me the first time you saw me Mr. Lu: not the first time Miss Ning: how could it be? Where have you seen me Mr. Lu: in a dream.