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Domineering president, come to my bowl

Domineering president, come to my bowl

Domineering president, come to my bowl

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    Domineering president, come to my bowl
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    Have you figured it out
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    Famized book
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2021-11-25 13:45:14
I am a rural woman, working in the city, falling in love with the overbearing president at first sight. However, the disparity of status made me wonder what to do. I wanted to get close to him, but I didn't dare to get close, whining. I'm Tang Yihao, the successor of the Tang Group. One night two years ago, I was in a bad mood. I drank some wine and had a car accident while walking on the road. The driver escaped because it was night and there were few pedestrians. I thought I would die like this. Just as I was going to sleep, I vaguely heard a girl's voice "wake up, sir. The ambulance will arrive soon. Don't sleep..." I forced to open my eyes and saw a strange girl talking. I couldn't hear what she said. I was too tired and wanted to sleep. She woke me up very loudly. I was thinking that she was really upset and wanted her to shut up. Later, I think she is very cute. I like being with her, watching her laugh, and

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