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Royal little matchmaker

Royal little matchmaker

Royal little matchmaker

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    Royal little matchmaker
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    Empty big white rabbit
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    Pc Books
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2022-01-23 10:52:33
Chu Yun, the daughter of Chu Qiao, a famous matchmaker in the capital, is determined to match up his favorite couple CP, the prime minister and his wife who are childhood sweethearts, the little princess who is addicted to the number one in the new science, and the female emperor who has a long way to pursue her husband. Therefore, Chu Yun, a three noes girl in the capital who has no power and no money, has embarked on the road of seeking skin from the tiger. The tiger is mujinjue, the Regent of the current Dynasty. Mujinjue is a romantic figure in the capital of Lianke's three wives on the day of the negotiation, mu Jinjue directly gave her a marriage letter. Chu Yun clenched his teeth and said, "marry and you can kill me."