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Fatal fascination

Fatal fascination

Fatal fascination

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    Fatal fascination
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    Garden Novel
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(charming and soft beauty Jiang Fan) vs (iron and blood tough man Song Jin) in those years, the male leader lost to the second male broken mirror does not reunite novel, male two superior text after years of marriage, she gives people the impression that she is dignified, virtuous, elegant and generous, she is a good tempered doctor who follows the rules in their eyes when she married Ling Shen, others laughed at her flying to the branches and becoming a Phoenix, she was willing to bear rumors until he met Yan Zhuo, he always spoiled her into a child intentionally or unintentionally so she can do whatever she wants one day, Yan Zhuo said, "if you divorce, marry me." Jiang Fan thought he was joking and said casually, "OK ~" she divorced and they really got married everything is like a dream it was long after her marriage that she learned Yan Zhuo's secret it turns out that Yan Zhuo is Song Jin, and Song Jin is Yan Zhuo... he has always been there it was only long after marriage that she realized that love can last ten thousand years like can last forever PS: 1v1, although the female owner is married, she is double clean!