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Hou Ye s white moonlight

Hou Ye s white moonlight

Hou Ye s white moonlight

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    Hou Ye s white moonlight
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    Cake sister
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    Qishi Book
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2022-01-23 11:29:50
What? The little mute who grew up with me is Dingyuan Hou's youngest son when I heard the news, I was being humiliated and ridiculed by a group of masked people. One of the bloody strong men slapped me severely. If I hadn't been bored at the moment, I would have given you a set of combined boxing forget it, how can I beat these strong men as a little xiuniang who has no strength to bind chickens it was not until the third day that I was dragged out of Dingyuan Hou's house. Dingyuan Hou's house was decorated and the street was noisy. It was said that Dingyuan Hou's youngest son was going to get married and married the only legitimate daughter of the chief assistant. Everyone praised this good marriage didn't he say he would marry me on the snow-white long street, a group of dazzling red beat and walked happily I saw a little mute riding a white horse in the team. His bright red contrasted greatly with my white eyes when the little mute saw me, he just smiled, as if he didn't know me it turned out that he was really the son of Dingyuan Hou. She married as beautiful as the bride. I couldn't afford the Pearl on her head in my life. I stayed up late last month to embroider the beautiful clothes I was just standing in the crowd, embarrassed late month x yuan Sweet text! Only a little abuse the childhood sweetheart love story of little talkative x little mute

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