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Sissy, don t run away

Sissy, don t run away

Sissy, don t run away

Rating: 9 / 10 from 7560 ratings
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    Sissy, don t run away
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    Hu shaoxue
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    Bestair novel
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2022-01-14 18:35:27
An ordinary company clerk, a small painter of animation design (Su Mo). One day, Su Mo's dear father and mother unexpectedly wanted to travel abroad. Without calling, they put their good baby (a teddy) at Su Mo's door poor Su Mo took on the task of taking care of Xi Xi, but our lovely Xi Xi seemed to be a little dissatisfied with her little owner Pet Doctor Lin Muxi didn't expect that a girl would come with a teddy at the end of his shop every day, and the Teddy always accumulated food. Every time, he told the girl to let Teddy eat less. Until one time, the girl finally couldn't help yelling at Teddy, "Xixi, there's no food for you tonight. I'll ask you to eat more!!" "Xixi?" Lin Muxi didn't think he would have the same name with a teddy the story of Gao Tianchong, a soul painter and a warm male pet doctor, plus a little teddy

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