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Paranoid Fu Shao s heart

Paranoid Fu Shao s heart

Paranoid Fu Shao s heart

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    Paranoid Fu Shao s heart
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    Sen Xiaowan
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    Weixin Book
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2022-01-15 00:55:21
"She is not spoiled, nor is she spoiled in front of me." "she only cried in front of me once." later, the little girl changed and always used to make him compromise with tears - "no matter what you do, you should hide behind me. Don't stand up. Listen clearly?" her long eyelashes flash. Her black and white eyes reflect the man's handsome and cold face. "Do you think I'm dragging you?" after looking at each other for a few seconds, he replied: "it's not drag, it's protection." This article is about the process of a little girl from a cold and indifferent to a soft beauty