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Listen to the champion

Listen to the champion

Listen to the champion

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    Listen to the champion
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    Hey, knife
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    Long Novel
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2022-01-21 09:01:58
In the questioning of Pei Chengbing's fans at the film conference, the main creative team was speechless. Only the 18th tier stars madly popularized science to them in their seats. It was also that she broke out of the encirclement in the besieged situation and won full applause only Jiang Xinyue knows that in order to chat with Mr. Pei Cheng, she has done the most arrogant thing. The seven WPS PDFs downloaded from the ISU official website include announcements, technical manuals and specified actions. She didn't study so hard in the college entrance examination that year in the egg section, ice fans asked: Mr. Jiang, do you know Peixian has another nickname JIANG Xinyue: ah? Anything else ice fan: I'm called Mr. Pei because I have money. The reason is that his family knows that he likes skating, so they specially built an indoor ice rink for him to practice, so will you be embarrassed about the setting of the character and background you play JIANG Xinyue stood up angrily: he didn't tell me this! I thought he lied to me that he didn't have a sister ice fan:... Pei Chengai asked Jiang Xinyue why he liked him. In order not to praise each other and destroy his prestige, Jiang Xinyue raped a paragraph all night: love at first sight is unreliable, and love over time is too vulgar if you ask me why I was interested in you at the beginning maybe excellent people always attract each other ... at the Winter Olympic Games, The reporter interviewed a group of star volunteers and asked them what they wanted to say to the audience and athletes when the camera caught Jiang Xinyue, she waved with a smile and said happily: come on, husband... Xinyue won the best supporting role of Parkson and announced a high-profile relationship with Peicheng. Jiang Xinyue said: I played more than 20 supporting roles and finally ushered in my first heroine. This role is Mr. Pei's wife. I hope we can cooperate in the next [email protected] Pei Yuansheng, world champion and world record holder of men's singles of figure skating and skating.