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A boy born with a dream as a horse

A boy born with a dream as a horse

A boy born with a dream as a horse

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    A boy born with a dream as a horse
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    Le Fanqing minister
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2022-01-15 08:12:04
She's reborn she was reborn on the May Day holiday on the eve of the mid-term examination in 2003, which almost destroyed the time node of her life Liu Xia didn't wake up by herself, but was sent to the hospital and woke up after three days and nights of coma therefore, she didn't have time to call the police in time, and because she didn't report the case in time, she inexplicably became a sinner through the ages and was cursed and reviled therefore, she missed the best time for treatment. The sequelae of migraine has been with her for more than 20 years, which makes her sleep and food uneasy therefore, she failed in the high school entrance examination and only entered an ordinary high school in Xinshui county God had mercy on her and gave her a chance to do it again she must live a different life, at least not let the tragedy of her previous life become a memory of regret and guilt.