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I m seriously playing the game of survival

I m seriously playing the game of survival

I m seriously playing the game of survival

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    I m seriously playing the game of survival
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    Fried fermented bean curd
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    Clean book
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2022-01-15 09:02:29
1v1, Adventure + sweet pet, strong male and strong female growth type, national team Bai Xi was inexplicably pulled into the survival game with a survival rate of only 10% [small theater 1] passerby A: isn't Bai Xi an assistant? How come ye Xiao, who has been at the top of the list all the time, has been squeezed to the second place by her passerby B: ye Xiao came down from the first position and never went up. This Bai Xi is so awesome! How does a space Department assist her Bai Xi: (shaking her eyebrows and smiling) what's the matter? Auxiliary can also kill people. Auxiliary can also be very awesome. It can save lives every minute Ye Xiao: (flattering smile) daughter-in-law, help me draw two cards [small theater 2] teammate A: No, the wall is too thick. You have to use explosives teammate B: then go to the police station. It's full of monsters Bai Xi: what kind of explosive do you want? (she drew a circle on the wall, a light curtain appeared, and Bai Xi directly collapsed) people: sleeping trough! Sister Xi, can you use this skill? ------------ PS: men and women belong to the national team, use the game to bring back various technologies and species, develop the world, and lead mankind to the sea of stars. CP: Bai Xi x Ye Xiao female leader : the strongest assistant, a card drawing expert male leader: the ability value is full, and the luck is negative fan group: 345238172, you need fan value to enter the group!

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