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Ma am, she wants to leave every day

Ma am, she wants to leave every day

Ma am, she wants to leave every day

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    Ma am, she wants to leave every day
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    Missing like frost
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2022-01-21 12:32:26
Shen Tinglan, the wife she married to repay her kindness, was timid and boring. Bai yuanzhuo was very unhappy but recently he found something wrong first, Shen Tinglan admires him and asks him to leave. Then there are the strange words and deeds of colleagues / subordinates / superiors: "Mr. Bai, your wife has a good seal. You love seals. You have won many good seals by singing with your wife. Why don't you share them with us?" "Mr. Bai, I envy you when I think you can enjoy the delicious food made by your wife every day." "Bai Aiqing, I didn't expect that your wife's embroidery is so exquisite. The Empress Dowager of the Nanshan monk Buddhist Association likes it very much and has recovered from her illness!" Bai yuanzhuo: ".... Bai yuanzhuo can't take out the seal and hasn't eaten any food, let alone Shen Tinglan's exquisite embroidery. Bai yuanzhuo decided to talk to Shen Tinglan. I just heard Shen Tinglan lamenting the years spent in the White House: "Spicy chicken love ruined my youth." Bai yuanzhuo's eyebrows jumped fiercely.