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Mr. Fu, madam is out again

Mr. Fu, madam is out again

Mr. Fu, madam is out again

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    Mr. Fu, madam is out again
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    One after another
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    Bestair novel
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2021-11-29 02:50:24
It was supposed to be my sister's wedding night, but she was drugged by her biological mother and sent to the wedding car of "prospective brother-in-law" at first sight, the man in the wheelchair, as rumored, was noble and indifferent. Just because she simply approached, he grabbed her and neck and almost wanted to strangle her "a woman married to the Fu family can live on her own, okay?" she nodded desperately. She thought she could please him carefully and respect him like a guest all her life but in the company of day and night, he was eaten and wiped clean, and fell into the trap he had already laid step by step in this life, you can't escape. This love moves people's hearts.