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Chief constable s wife Yin and Yang eyes

Chief constable s wife Yin and Yang eyes

Chief constable s wife Yin and Yang eyes

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    Chief constable s wife Yin and Yang eyes
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    Nine Tailed white fox
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    Lava Novel
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2022-01-15 02:59:14
Through 1v1 Yin Yang eye killer vs six door chief constable modern Qi Yujing, on her way to work, she was accidentally hit by a thunderstorm and electricity. When she woke up, she actually crossed a girl named Wen Yuanyuan through understanding, we know that the girl's real identity is not an ordinary young lady Wen Yuanyuan, but a substitute. Her real identity is Huanrong, the first killer after entering Xiaofu mansion, I was not only doubted by xiaochuci, but also had to obey the original master's words. Once in a while, xiaochuci sold cute and pretended to be stupid, and the masked man had to obey orders. One after another, accidents have made significant changes in her body... who knows, I not only passed through, but also awakened the skill of Yin-Yang eye, Can see ghosts that ordinary people can't see What's more unexpected is that when an accident happens, she is her, but not her "we were evil, but when we met each other, I wanted to change..."

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