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The moon shines on the river

The moon shines on the river

The moon shines on the river

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    The moon shines on the river
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    Red Amber
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    Apple novel
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"Is the high throne important or your own heart more important?" this question is difficult to solve for thousands of years, but there are always people with broken blood she is the distinguished Princess of the president of the state of Jokhang and the princess Shanglan, who is loved by thousands of people. Even though she is extremely prosperous, she is also trapped by this remark once you leave the palace, there is no "wanyanhuan moon" in the world, only the cold mountain master "brandling" she stepped into the Wulin step by step. She thought she would not be disturbed by foreign things all her life, but everything can be counted, except her mind "whoever sits on the river and mountain will be lovelorn. I have experienced this sentence all my life. It is actually a little good" "I want to love all the rivers and mountains with her" it is this heart that makes her know what life is and what heart is unify Wulin? Seeking power and position? Finally, it is just the word "gratitude, resentment, love and hatred" when I arrived, I just said, "you never owe me anything..."