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Red full branch

Red full branch

Red full branch

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    Red full branch
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2022-01-06 06:11:36
Xu Jingchu, the second son of the Xu family, is as famous as his name. He has great literary talent, but he is romantic by nature. He often lingers in the place of fireworks Su Ruyan, the daughter of the Hussars general, obeyed her grandmother's arrangement due to changes in her family and hurriedly married Xu Jingchu. She was married for three years without children. She was framed and died by her second childe, pet Ji everything began with Su Ruyan's soul returning, and great changes have taken place... he has regained his life, but he can't escape the fate of entanglement. If Yan admits his life and doesn't believe it, he creates his own wealth empire with his own hands and gains a loyal love at the same time the branches are full of red and green, tired of sleeping in the rain and getting up late, and the shadow of flowers in the idle court moves recall return period, number return period. I dreamed that although I saw many people, I met a few times.